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Listen to the right data
If we knew what the future held, would you act differently? Can numbers tell us which decisions to make?
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Pepper Analytics.AI draws on 20 years of experience and rich market data to forecast trends, predict behaviour and power decisions for Lending and Servicing businesses.
The Possibilities
What can the numbers tell you?
What if you could predict how loans will perform, where time is better spent and which opportunities deliver results? What if you could manage margins and optimise returns in challenging markets and changing conditions?
The Challenges
Many talk data.
Few deliver. Here's why.
You need the right data. You need to pinpoint where value can be created. You need a team that understands every aspect of the business. A team who can find solutions that integrate with current systems. And identify key drivers that deliver results.
What is it?
Pepper Analytics.AI is an analytics and prediction engine fueled by people, data and technology. It's a tool that converts numbers from across three continents into powerful and valuable insights. A suite of intelligent applications that predict performance and behaviour of both markets and consumers, and delivers a competitive and scalable advantage.
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How it works
Make the model
work for you
First we harvest data across a spectrum of contact points that cover market conditions, transactional behaviour and consumer lifestyles.
Then isolate key drivers that predict behaviour and performance.
Apply learnings to frame objectives, formulate strategies and make calculated decisions.
Finally we automate everything to drive speed, reduce costs, deliver consistency.
Market Applications
Solving real world problems
This isn’t the realm of abstract hypothesis or science fiction. This is a real tool that delivers real world solutions.
Improving recovery
Predict which borrowers are likely to prepay and which are at risk of defaulting. Our retention models identified $1.2m of net interest margin at risk of customers leaving.
Predicting pandemics
Which customers would struggle to pay loans during lockdown? Who would benefit from added support? Novel data was sourced and models deployed within 3 weeks, improving late payments by 70%.
Saving time
Using Natural Language Processing tools to review customer calls for compliance saved 6000 work hours per annum.
Converting Europe
When 20% of loan applications did not convert for one European business, we developed machine learning models to analyse the sales processes and recommend fixes. The result was a EU1.1 million increase in NIM.
How do we do it?
Predicting ability to pay
Humans, companies and economies are all complex organisms whose actions may seem puzzling on the surface. But key behaviours can be broadly predictable, if you know which factors to analyse.
Our models use many factors:
Interaction data
Data gathered at each contact point including texts, mails, call transcripts and voice analysis.
Attitude to credit
Public social media and profile information across networks.
Access to credit
Credit market data on competitor pricing and bank proximity as well as public legal, bankruptcy and directorship records.
Auction and estate agent website data and public records on land and property.
Cost of living, rental and childcare data and purchases of vehicles or electronics.
Income potential
Job market, skill sets, qualifications and salary scales.
Income stability
Local economy, employer data industry performance as well as weather, air quality and energy consumption.
Products and Services
A suite of tools
Some may use astrology or crystal balls to predict futures. Our tools are less flamboyant, though no less intriguing. Unlike the mystical forecasters, PepperAnalytics.AI tools have the added virtues of accuracy, transparency and accountability.
  • Pepper Evaluate
  • Make better investments
  • Investing in performing and non-performing loans is about how you manage fidelity. Pepper Evaluate uses rich alternative data, transactional data and state of the art algorithms to predict portfolio outcomes at a loan level. The accuracy of these models allow for better investment and pricing decisions.
  • Lifetime Maximiser
  • Maximise loan returns
  • Borrowers who rate-hop or pay-off their loans early pose the biggest risk to profitably growing a lending business across asset classes. Understanding how long a borrower will stay with you is valuable when pricing for pre-payment risk. By predicting prepayment, you can intervene with retention strategies and hold onto valuable margin.
  • Asset Valuer
  • Automate property valuations
  • Assessing residential property values can be time-consuming and may involve imperfect information and subjective judgement. Asset Valuer automates the process and provides you with accurate, property valuations based on market knowledge, house evaluation and geographic factors.
  • Lifecycle Manager
  • Predict customer behaviours
  • Knowing when customers are likely to miss payments or fall in to arrears allows you to take pre-emptive action to protect your loan book and your customer. The Lifecycle Manager helps you to model and predict how a customer may behave at every stage of the loan cycle.
  • Operations Optimiser
  • Improve customer service
  • By using advanced Natural Language Programming, Operations Optimiser helps you to enhance and streamline every customer interaction. You can identify fraud, manage customer stress, train agents and automate labour intensive activities like compliance checking. Optimiser offers new methods and strategies for managing customers efficiently.
  • Originator
  • Strengthen your market capabilities
  • What do valuable customers look like?, Where can you find more of them? How do you optimise your broker network? Can you offer products that delight customers and outflank competitors? Originator lets you to achieve better ROI on your marketing efforts, engage brokers who can deliver profits and helps you to develop innovative products that can capture markets.
  • Insights platform
  • Information in your hands
  • We understand the servicing landscape better because we know how to judge performance metrics and when to read warning signals, and where to find competitive advantage. Our insights platform puts market, operational and performance data at your fingertips alerting you to challenges ahead of time and letting you focus on achieving optimal performance.
Pepper Insights
How insight creates strategy
It’s where understanding can liberate numbers from models and algorithms to reveal hidden truths about human behaviours.
An insight can be simple or deep, but the best of them, the ones that Pepper builds on, are useful in predicting outcomes and essential for building value.
The Future
How Pepper delivers value
Why should you care about data? Will it have any real impact on your business? Here’s what excites Pepper about the future.
By drawing on a suite of data skills and decades of market expertise, we are well placed to meet whatever the next challenge is.
Our data platforms are ready for fast deployment. We’ve developed a catalogue of analytics products based around non-performing loan portfolios that have consistently delivered results
We can share the value gained from current market insights and alternative data sources.
Our financial model incentivises us to maximise your profitability.
We prioritise our data operations and manage them at the most senior levels of our organisation.
Any questions?
We work in partnership to make sure our objectives are completely aligned to yours. If you have queries or require solutions to specific challenges, we’d love to chat.
Our expertise
We do many things well.

And a few things better than anyone.