Putting capital to work
Our investment model, perfected over decades, has enabled our successes across markets, business cycles and asset classes.
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We source and deploy capital into equity and credit investments. Our operating model combines a targeted investment strategy with a global resource pool to channel our capabilities towards creating opportunity and adding value.
Capital Provision
Knowing where to plant seeds
Staying ahead of what customers want and tracking the latest developments in financial services and credit markets helps add insight to our expertise in capital deployment. We seek to support innovation and to find new ways of doing things.
We establish robust, multi-billion-dollar funding platforms.
We provide access to large pools of growth and recovery capital.
We provide principal debt and equity capital to fund locally-acquired or partnered growth initiatives.
Our approach
A spirit of entrepreneurship drives us. But passion alone won’t deliver results. It’s an investment model we’ve perfected over decades that enables our success. A process that we follow across markets, business cycles and asset classes. A system designed to add value, and to create it. 
1. Find underserved markets
Identify segments where credit can be extended to underserved borrowers.
2. Deliver superior returns
Use proprietary lending, servicing and management IP to deploy capital and resources.
3. Appoint local team
Recruit and support experienced local talent and back them with global resources.
4. Provide expertise
Share expertise in lending, advisory and asset servicing across multiple verticals.
5. Apply data and insights
Collect data across multiple cycles, jurisdictions and assets classes for market-relevant insights.
6. Operate hub and spoke model
Use the hub to deliver centralised risk management, data and brand policies and to promote diversity and CSR projects.
The original spice trail took centuries to cover the globe. On the other hand, Pepper has managed to do it over a couple of decades.
Our team spans Europe and Asia and encompasses 45 different nationalities and hundreds of colourful personalities.
Our global team
"Last year taught me a lot of things about investment and people and the importance of what we do."
Tom Saywell
Group Head of Principal Investments
The smart approach to funding
Across all our lending businesses we have adopted a diversified approach to funding. Expertise in on-balance sheet wholesale funding, retail deposits and traditional securitisation vehicles ensures all our businesses are well-funded for growth.
How we succeed
Track record
We began issuing in 2003 and have completed over 50 Term Securitisations since then, raising significant volumes of senior and mezzanine debt to fund loan assets.
Diversified funding
We're a frequent issuer of securities in benchmark sizes into a globally diversified investor base, across a number of asset classes and geographies. We issue in a variety of tenors, currencies and repayment formats.
Relationship management
We have cultivated long-term relationships across multiple jurisdictions with major institutional banks, global investment banks and professional mezzanine debt and fixed income investors. 
Pepper’s debt funding strategy is structured to provide ongoing funding for the business to support growth and manage periods of market disruption. 
We operate a proactive engagement model with our global investor base, having built a powerful reputation in debt capital markets around the world.
Customer focused
Access to broad loan eligibility criteria across funding facilities helps us meet the needs of a wide range of borrowers.
Our expertise
We do many things well.

And a few things better than anyone.