Our lending products combine real world thinking with creative solutions.
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Our Lending capabilities cover residential and commercial property, as well as consumer, small business, auto and equipment finance. We provide specialist lending products, underwriting expertise and innovative tools.
Credit where it's due
Non-conforming borrowers, overlooked marked segments and underserved customers are areas where Pepper excels.
We source capital, channel funding and provide affordable financing across markets and asset classes.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a vision, a consumer with a plan, or an investor with a strategy, you’ll benefit from our flexible loan products, our omni-channel services and our understanding of credit and how to make it work for you.
Lending in numbers
*All figures are in USD as of 30 June 2023
Lending Assets Under Management
Funding over
Lending products
Residential Mortgages
Focused on prime, near-prime, non-conforming and specialist loan segments, Pepper assesses credit risk using historical credit performance data collected from two decades of operations.
Commercial Real Estate
Pepper focuses on smaller warehouses, offices, showrooms and retail spaces. We lend to prime and near-prime commercial customers, investors and property developers.
SME and Consumer Lending
Our portfolio includes small business, auto and equipment, point-of-sale and unsecured personal finance. We use direct and intermediated distribution models to serve both consumers and small businesses.
Understanding you
We assess risk based on you, rather than your assets. This requires understanding your needs, capabilities and circumstances and cultivating trust and accountability across all our transactions.
"A great lender solution... As a mortgage broker, I assist a number of clients with Pepper’s great solutions. They go above and beyond to help my customers. Because of their diverse product range, they can offer solutions, that other lenders can’t."
Mortgage Broker
Sydney, Australia
Our approach
Our success over the years as a specialist lender comes down to a few core capabilities.
Flexible solutions
Our lending strategies apply flexible criteria that recognises challenges and helps design bespoke lending products.
Consumer insights
We assess credit by reviewing the market, our customers’ circumstances and their individual needs.
Risk strategy
We manage risk through credit underwriting expertise, proactive collection, quality assurance, portfolio servicing and a strategic approach to capital management.
Multiple channels
Through websites, apps, direct marketing, telesales and multiple in-house channels, we reach customers, brokers, retailers and dealer networks.
Wholesale funding
Partnerships with government institutions, investment banks and professional investors across the globe allow for continued growth and diversified funding even during market downturns.
Track record
Our impressive performance over two decades and 13 markets and our robust analytics systems allow us to monitor risks and make key decisions with confidence.
"We do more than lend money. We lend an ear. To what the consumer needs and to what the market is telling us."
Matthew Chang
CEO, Pepper Savings Bank South Korea
Our lending specialists
We have lending businesses around the world, and teams of experts across many markets. See what they can do for you.
Our expertise
We do many things well.
And a few things better than anyone.