Pepper Loan Servicing
Pepper services debt across multiple asset classes. This includes performing, non-performing and re-performing loans that originate from our own books as well as from Banks, Funds and Fintechs.
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Delivering results
The global pandemic has seen a surge in non-performing loans, with banks looking to de-leverage and outsource their loan management.
Pepper has run an independent global loan servicing platform for over a decade and is well positioned to serve this niche.

We bring modular services, high standards of governance, a track record of positive returns, and a lender’s mindset to each portfolio we manage.

In recent years, we’ve seen significant levels of investor interest in undervalued assets backed by quality data assessments.
S&P Ranking
We’ve maintained this rating since 2012 and have been included on S&P’ Global Select Servicer List.
Loan Servicing
in numbers
*All figures are in USD as of 30 June 2023
Servicing Assets Under Management
Loans (since inception)
Asset classes
Residential mortgages, Commercial real estate loans, Auto & Equipment finance, Small Business and Consumer loans
Data and Analytics
Where tech delivers performance
Pepper’s collective mind is shaped by the decades of insights, experiences, and knowledge shared by its 3000 strong staff.

Pepper’s technology platform operates in real time through prediction engines, proprietary tools and a steady stream of data.

This combination of wisdom and insight, of software and expertise enhances how we plan, manage, recover and deliver loan servicing across markets and asset classes.
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Creating value
Our mission isn’t to recover loans, it’s to help people succeed. Whether you’re looking to add value or are seeking solid returns, we’ll balance risk with opportunity and deliver what you need.

Pepper services loans on behalf of other lenders as if they were their own. We aim to get the best recovery and also the best outcome for the customer.
How we succeed
There’s no one secret to our success in loan servicing. In fact, there are many.
Lender’s mindset
We harness our understanding of credit risk and borrower behaviour to deliver results for our clients across the credit cycle.
Greater returns
Pepper can enhance your portfolio’s value through operational leverage and data and analytics.
Flexible infrastructure
Our proprietary software can service multiple asset classes from Residential and Commercial Mortgages to Auto and Equipment Finance to Personal Loans and Point-of-sale Finance.
Corporate governance
Corporate compliance and a respect for regulatory frameworks is at the heart of our workflow processes and core operating platforms.
Valued customers
Each solution is based on individual borrower needs. We prefer to avoid cookie cutter solutions.
"Our local knowledge is a key advantage that allows for innovation. It’s just as important as our technology."
Fraser Gemmell
CEO, Pepper Global Servicing
Corporate customers
We have serviced some of the biggest and the most innovative companies in the world.
Understanding you
We prefer long partnerships to quick returns. That’s why we invest, not in your assets, but in you. This means we understand your needs, appreciate your capabilities, earn your trust and create solutions to match your goals.
"We weren’t looking for a rigid, out of the box proposition and Pepper were able to tailor a solution that exceeded our expectations."
UK Servicing client
You have our support
Our service is proactive, comprehensive and designed to serve your goals and needs.
Customer Service
We’ll represent your brand with care, provide valuable customer experiences and maximise retention.
Hardship Assistance
We adopt a proactive approach to monitoring customer difficulties, while assuring a high standard of service and interaction.
Arrears Management
Our collection specialists have years of industry experience and an intuitive knowledge of the credit cycle.
What we know
Here are some key findings from twenty years of data and analytics.
Modular services
Pepper’s flexibility and agility help us tailor solutions across many clients and markets. Here are some of the roles we play in the process.
Master Servicer
Acting on behalf of the trustee of a funding vehicle for the benefit of security holders overseeing servicers.
Primary Servicer
Providing customer service and arrears management on Pepper serviced debt and third party loans.
Special Servicer
We manage advanced arrears, borrower hardships, security enforcement, asset sales and loan recovery.
Back Up Servicer
Appointed by banks to provide standby services to other lenders and loan books.
Credit Services
Support loan origination and underwriting activities with advanced analytics
Asset Management
We conduct property valuations and collateral asset management after foreclosures.
Our loan servicing specialists
Our loan servicing business spans three continents, with industry specialists in multiple fields at your service.
Our expertise
We do many things well.

And a few things better than anyone.