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Pepper’s intern programme, Cave 2.0 has had some distinguished alumni. Among them are founders and CEOs of companies, prominent bankers and our Group CFO and CEO of Pepper Global Servicing.
Our aim has always been to identify leaders, entrepreneurs and lateral thinkers, to develop their skills and confidence through project-based work, and deliver regular feedback through mentors and sponsors within Pepper.
What we
give you
Cave 2.0 has been a success in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Candidates can expect the following from our Intern Programme.
You’ll be required to work independently and to collaborate across global markets. As we are invested in your learning and development, you’ll receive the necessary training tools and meaningful work that will challenge and expand your knowledge and skill set.
You’ll get to engage with key stakeholders across all of Pepper’s international businesses and be mentored by senior executives. You’ll gain professional experience with on-the-job training in the corporate finance & investment banking space, by gaining exposure to live deals and contributing to strategic growth opportunities.
You’ll build relationships with colleagues from different backgrounds, cultures and generations, which will enrich your personal development and help you build a network of collaborators.
How to apply
Every year hundreds apply and only a handful get selected. You’ll need to bring your A-game, along with your skills, your knowledge, your confidence and your passion.
Our 2023 Summer Cave Internship Program will run for 6 weeks from May to June based in our Singapore office.
1. Online Questionnaire
Share who you are and what you can do.
2. Preliminary Interview
Show us how you exemplify Pepper’s values and tell us what you’re passionate about.
3. Assessment Interview
Bring your application to life by showcasing your range of skills and best qualities.
4. Case Study Interview
Impress us with a live case study.
5. Final Round Management Interview
Demonstrate why you’ll be an asset to Pepper.
6. Offer
Final round interview and offer.
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What we're
We’re interested in critical thinkers and proactive leaders. You’ll need an entrepreneurial mindset to manage projects, deadlines and yourself. We give you the autonomy to choose your projects, the resources to develop them and the guidance to make them impactful.

You’ll need to be a well-rounded personality, following a relevant course of study, with an attitude that embodies the can-do spirit.

As a Global Program, we are building a diverse team of interns, so we welcome students from a range of disciplines and degrees with preference for final or penultimate year students, however, it's not necessary. It is expected that candidates are conversationally fluent in English and have working knowledge of financial markets and standard software packages such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

More importantly, we also expect students to have the capacity to thrive in a global team-environment comprised of a diverse range of individuals with an attitude that embodies that can-do spirit and the ability to show initiative, creativity and think analytically.
What it's like
Here’s what our recent interns have to say.
Maria Serova
  • Year: 2019
  • Office: London
  • Study: BSc Biochemistry - Oxford
  • Project: How AI is changing the supply chain
As someone from a non-finance background, I found the programme to be extremely valuable and a learning experience. I enjoyed the balance between guidance and freedom that we had on our projects, the impact that our work could have and presenting our findings to senior executives. The training was top-notch and we learned a lot. Despite being interns, we were given access to those in senior management who were happy to answer any of our questions.
Nick Zylstra
  • Year: 2019
  • Office: Sydney
  • Study: BSc Economics and Entrepreneurialism – University of Virginia
  • Project: Consumer views on Australian banking
My time at Pepper exceeded all my expectations. The interest the executives took in the programme made us feel valued, and encouraged me to continue working hard every day. The scope of the projects was an exciting challenge, forcing us to collaborate not only with our dedicated partners, but with the entire team of interns across the world. While this had its own set of hurdles, working in this environment taught me a great deal about the world of finance, and about how to be an active member of a global team. My time with Pepper was an incredible experience, and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.
Rachel Vakil
  • Year: 2021
  • Office: Sydney
  • Study: BSc Commerce and Economics – University of New South Wales
  • Project: Investment analysis of South East Asia
The Summer Global Internship Programme at Pepper was such an amazing experience. Working on projects at the forefront of Pepper’s strategies meant my work made a valuable contribution to the business and fueled my motivation to work hard, as I felt an integral part of the Pepper team. Pepper ensured that my learning remained a key priority for them, as they invested in my development with constant guidance from the senior executives. The challenging global environment enabled me to expand my financial knowledge and development. I was encouraged by the greater responsibility to drive our own projects.
The work you'll do
As an intern, you’ll be part of a wider team working on projects of real world importance to our internal and external stakeholders.
Market Reporting
Analyse a country or region that Pepper is considering for investment by assessing the macroeconomic environment, competitive landscape, customer dynamics and entrance strategy.
Deep-Dive Research
Study global and domestic trends within the FinTech and digital lending space and their implications for Pepper’s business. Build a demand profile of millennials and Gen-Z for disruptive financial products.
Investment Analysis
Research a prospective asset that Pepper is considering for investment.
Why choose Pepper?
We’re a fast-growing company
We champion creativity and entrepreneurship
You drive your own work
You get access to senior mentors and a global network
We want you to succeed
Your salary could exceed industry standards
You could convert an internship into a full-time job
We invest in your learning and development

Applications have closed.