Think like an entrepreneur
Move like a start-up. Act like an investor. Find customers that are underserved. Listen to the data and let it speak to you. Find new pathways. Add true value.
At Pepper, what you do is much more than what your title says. You’re required to think like an entrepreneur and solve puzzles like a detective. To talk straight, act with purpose and make things happen.
Our Philosophy
We help
people succeed
We invest in fresh talent for many reasons. We believe in new ideas, in disrupting established models and seeing markets from new perspectives.
"Can do!"
While consumers and technologies upgrade and evolve, our field remains dominated by established theories and conventional wisdom. Pepper likes to question how things are done and why they should be done that way.

Pepper’s senior team has decades of experience to draw on. And we know that by keeping our thinking fresh, and open to possibility, we are better able to spot opportunity. And better equipped to act first and move fast.
When it comes to hiring, we don’t discriminate. Though we may be partial towards individuals who have the following qualities:
Can do
The attitude that it can be done, even if it hasn’t before. We are ambitious and entrepreneurial, so we look for opportunities. We think outside of the box when it comes to developing solutions for our customers and our teams. We leverage the power of teamwork to deliver.
The ability to see a loan from both the lender and borrower’s perspective, is a key skill. Possibly a superpower. We come with considerable experience and know how to handle the relationship between opportunity and risk. We understand how to create situations that can set people up for success – and that even in adversity producing a win-win is both human and profitable.
In a world filled with jargon and half-truths, we respect those who talk straight and act with purpose. We tell it like it is. We respect people and keep it honest. If we can help we will. If we can’t we’ll say so. People want you to be straight with them and they like to understand how things are going – so we tell them. Trust is built by acting with integrity, by doing what you said you’d do. By understanding what people need.
your future
We select our professionals as carefully as we do our investments. And once hired, we invest in your future, and help you exceed your potential.
Building careers
You’ll be encouraged to chart your own career path and given the tools to help you grow.
Fostering autonomy
We don’t micro-manage or hand-hold. We hire you to run projects independently, and to find the best way to deliver results.
Planning ahead
Where are your skills most needed? Which of your talents should you build on? Where do you want to be and how do you get there? Pepper gives you the tools to craft a path for you and the company.
Work Culture
Everyone gets to grow
The business world is filled with hierarchies. Some may be necessary, but many have proven inefficient and counterproductive.

At Pepper, we believe in open doors, flat structures and in focusing on results. Unencumbered by management layers and red tape, we can execute quickly, scale effectively and be decisive when it counts.

We’ve found that lean teams and open communication are the best ways to bring together expertise and deliver exceptional results.
Customer Centric
A balanced mindset
We see each project from different angles. From the perspective of both lender and borrower; business and consumer; investor and creditor.

As part of Pepper, you’ll need to have this balanced mindset to better understand your consumers, their business, their challenges and their needs.

While Data is a tool that we’ve perfected over the years, we recognise its true purpose. To help us add value to those whom we service and to be useful to those we serve.

Being open to the needs of the market and our consumers has helped us build sustainable systems and frameworks that reward all our stakeholders and clients.