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Pepper Advantage UK, Europe & Asia
Pepper Advantage is a global credit intelligence provider operating in nine jurisdictions across the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. We bring a cutting-edge data-led approach to the way we manage credit assets on behalf of our clients.

We service private equity and institutional investors, hedge funds, major banks, challenger banks and fintechs, non-bank lenders, retailers and property developers, providing flexible finance and lending opportunities.

in numbers
*All figures are in USD as at 30 June 2023. The figure used for Assets Under Management includes all current and transitional portfolios and REOs based on average values.
Assets Under Management
Loans (since inception)

Smart credit management

We’re changing the face of credit asset management with pioneering data-led intelligence that enables Pepper Advantage clients to capitalise on new revenue opportunities and improve operational efficiencies and yields. We create the best opportunities for borrowers, clients, investors and employees.

Multiple assets across all performance grades

Working across residential mortgages, small balance MSME mortgages, large corporate, personal and auto loans, credit cards, unsecured residuals, factoring, BNPL and direct real estate asset management, Pepper Advantage pushes for the best solution, whatever financial journey a customer is on.

Global scale. Local relevance

We bring modular services, high standards of governance, a track record of positive returns and a lender’s mindset to every portfolio in every market. And we’re trusted by some of the biggest banks and financial institutions in the world.

What we do

Leading credit management services and technologies

As a market-leading finance business, third-party loan servicer and asset manager, we oversee a wide range of credit management services using innovative tech.

Credit Management

Maintaining client relations, investing in a workforce and the latest tech, managing payments, arrears, and collections and ensuring compliance takes up time and resources. Partnering with Pepper Advantage reduces costs and allows you to focus on business growth.

Credit Investments

We provide specialist proposition and breadth of service that covers the full lifecycle of loan servicing and asset management. As part of our bespoke credit investment strategy, we also acquire residual assets and co-invest as equity partners alongside our clients.

Asset Management

Our teams are experienced in direct property transactions, development, mergers and acquisitions, corporate real estate strategy, capital raising and transactional processes. We deliver results in accordance with our clients’ objectives.

Credit Technologies

Greater access to data, advanced analytics, and risk decisioning are key to the success of everyone in the credit management sector. We now have best-in-class modular and scalable solutions that can be used across asset classes, product lines and jurisdictions.

Credit Intelligence

We’ve developed a highly intuitive cloud-based data-and-analytics platform to enable you to manage customer outcomes and portfolios across multiple assets much more effectively.

With real-time data and analytics, our Credit Intelligence platform transforms statistics collected from clients around the world into valuable information, so that you can make insight-driven decisions to benefit your business and your customers’ financial experiences.

Where we operate

We have over 70 clients throughout Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Greece, Spain, Ireland and the UK. We are market leaders in the UK and Ireland and are growing other European profiles, and we’re well positioned to take full advantage of growth in Asia.

How we see things

“With more than two decades in the field across numerous territories, Pepper Advantage has access to unparalleled real-time data in terms of quality and reach. We’re harnessing that to deliver the best possible outcomes for all our partners. What we’re achieving is powerful – it has the ability to transform financial outcomes for businesses and people all over the world.”

Fraser Gemmell
Group CEO, Pepper Advantage

Our successes

Pepper Advantage’s management team has led operations from the outset and driven all growth to date. We have deep industry relationships and a strong reputation in complex, regulated markets, ably supported by local management teams in each of our nine jurisdictions.

mentorship hub customer-service
Customer-centric approach
Agile response
Responsible service
Trained and experienced service agents handle customer queries empathetically, even in the trickiest situations. Our data-led approach supports new credit-based products coming onto the market and changing credit appetites. Corporate compliance and a respect for regulatory frameworks are at the heart of our workflow and operating platforms.


Our Story

2012 - Following the acquisition of GE Capital Ireland, Pepper Advantage expanded its successful business model from Australia and New Zealand into Europe.
2013 - European growth was further supported by the acquisition of loan portfolios in the UK and Spain. Initially the focus was on non-performing loans.
2014 - Pepper Advantage’s financial profile continued to grow with a notable period of growth in assets under management.
2015 - Pepper Advantage accelerated its technology investment, initially building out CRM and workflow capabilities across the UK, Ireland and Spain.
2016 - Further client verticals were added as Pepper Advantage continued its growth across multiple asset classes and product lines.
2017 - Pepper Advantage continued to focus on global expansion, fostering ongoing lending growth in all markets through continued investment.
2018 - Pepper Advantage continued its European expansion entering the Greek market with the acquisition of NAI Hellas, a specialist business of commercial property advisors.
2019 - Pepper Advantage established servicing platforms in India and China, providing a loan-servicing and resolution business with expertise in investment management.
2020 - Pepper Advantage’s agile tech capabilities and flexible approach came into its own, developing fast solutions for people impacted by the pandemic.
2021 - Expansion continued with the acquisition of Millennium Holdings KK in Japan and setting up Indonesia’s first global loan-servicing platform.
2022 - Loan-servicing businesses across the UK, Europe and Asia were brought together under one brand: Pepper Advantage.
2023+ The journey to become a global credit intelligence provider will gain momentum via Pepper Advantage’s end-to-end cloud-based global credit management platform.

Our Awards

Pepper Advantage is a multi-award-winning company. Our entrepreneurial spirit, teamed with a desire to help people reach the most advantageous financial outcomes, and a drive to get the best results for our clients, have seen us scoop up several gongs for excellence.

S&P Ranking | STRONG
We’ve maintained this rating since 2012 and have been included on S&P’s Global Select Servicer List

What our clients say:
We weren’t looking for a rigid, out-of-the-box proposition, and Pepper Advantage was able to tailor a solution that far exceeded our expectations. A key reason this has been such a successful partnership is because Pepper Advantage and Metro are singing from the same song sheet when it comes to ethos. We both want people to succeed in their financial journeys, and to help those often overlooked by incumbent institutions. Pepper Advantage’s agility and can-do approach was perfect for us.
Metro Bank
It’s fair to say the groundwork for this was very challenging but by massive commitment on all sides to make it a success, both for new business and for the transition of the existing book, the move to Pepper Advantage went very well. We have worked with a number of loan servicers who can be very willing at a senior level to engage but have been unable to be responsive or work as a genuine partnership – Pepper Advantage is the opposite of this.

Our strategy and the future

Pepper Advantage brings together the latest in tech capabilities and an empathetic approach to business. Our goal is to enable our clients to take advantage of new revenue opportunities, improve operational efficiencies and stay a step ahead of market rivals. Powered by cutting-edge technology and data and analytics, we enable our partners to forecast trends, predict behaviour and make better decisions faster.

  • Our technology puts you in the driving seat and can be adapted to suit your business needs. 
  • Partnering with Pepper Advantage means you can predict market shifts and act fast, developing the best solutions.
  • With a global outlook, our tech works across all asset classes and product lines and in multiple markets and business units.
  • We service a diverse client base and are passionate about helping people who are not well represented by financial institutions.

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