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Pepper Indonesia
We are Indonesia’s first global servicing platform with the capabilities to service a range of asset classes.

We serve over 120,000 customers across all parts of Indonesia and service unsecured Retail Loans, (performing and non-performing), motorcycle, auto, SME and Commercial loans.

Business in numbers
*All figures are in USD as of 31 March 2022


Pepper Indonesia’s management team has over a century of combined experience in Asset Reconstruction Management, Collection Strategy and Indonesian Law and draws strength from Pepper’s global technologies, insights and data.


In a short space of time, we have built strong client partnerships, have deployed technology to streamline our operations and are fast becoming Indonesia’s preferred servicing partner.

Our Story

Rapid growth

We began operations in June 2021, forming a centre for call and mobile field collection. We soon began partnering with Indonesia’s most reputed financial companies and expanded our product suite to include loans for white goods, cars, motorcycles, small businesses, as well as unsecured and BNPL loans.

Our partnerships now extend to digital banks, FinTechs, private banks, rural banks, multi-finance and insurance business.

What we offer
  • Collection servicing
  • Recovery solutions for stressed assets
  • Debt sales
  • Loan portfolio purchases

Our Strategy

Serving all classes
  • We identified gaps in the Indonesian market, and found that there was no servicing platform that could serve all asset classes including secured and unsecured retail loans, SMEs and commercial loans.
  • We expanded our capabilities to cover NPL disposal, due diligence, legal counsel, real-time asset appraisals and data analytics.
  • We have over 100 employees across 13 cities to bring our services to all parts of the nation.
  • We have now implemented a call collection centre supported by a robust collection management system.

“We are thrilled to be part of Pepper’s global network, and after a strong entry into the market and rapid expansion across Indonesia, we are poised to become the market’s leading loan servicer and advisory. We have much to learn, and much to teach. Join us and let’s grow together.”

Mulyadi Tjung
Pepper Indonesia CEO

Our Culture

We believe in supporting our people and looking for opportunities to help them develop their careers.

“The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and management is encouraging and approachable. There’s a strong sense of teamwork and supporting each other. We’re all excited to grow and learn and excel at what we do. The journey so far has been inspiring.”

IT Manager