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Pepper Millennium Japan
We provide Servicing for investors, as well as Due Diligence and Asset Valuation services.

Our clients include Commercial and Regional Banks, Licensed Servicers, Domestic Investors, Distressed Funds and Investment Banks. We also manage investments in non-performing loans purchased from financial institutions.

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*All figures are in USD as of 31 March 2022
Acquired by Pepper
Assets Under Management

Integrated Support

Our integrated services include asset valuation, investment formulation reconstruction planning and the management of exit strategies.

One-Stop Service

Using our wealth of experience and strong network, we offer a one-stop service that delivers optimal solutions to match our customers’ objectives.

Ideal Partner

We shape the future with our customers, and help them reach their goals.

Our Story

The joining of forces

Millennium Holdings Japan grew in the aftermath following the burst of the bubble economy in late 80s to 90s, which saw an increase in non-performing loans and the need for a loan servicing system to support them.

Founded in 2000 to service this market, Millennium built a solid reputation for servicing local and international clients and was granted a loans servicing license by Japan’s Minister of Justice.

In 2021, the Pepper Group acquired Millennium Holdings and has combined its expertise with Millennium’s to serve a Japanese NPL market that looks set to grow in response to Covid-19, regional bank consolidation and regulatory focus.

“This acquisition allows us to combine our existing global expertise with a strong domestic platform to attract new business and build a strong portfolio servicing loans on behalf of others. We view this as an important first step into the Japanese financial services market.”

Mike Culhane
Pepper Founder and Global CEO

What we offer

  • Investment consulting
  • Business revitalization consulting
  • Investment platform planning and advisory
  • Due diligence, including assessing and evaluating monetary claims, real estate and enterprises
  • Monetary claim, real estate collateral, and investment real estate purchase and advisory
  • Specified monetary claim collection
  • Establishment, management and operation of SPCs and SPVs
  • Asset sale and mediation
Debt Reduction > Revitalization Support

As well as proposing the effective use of assets and asset restructuring, we also arrange fixed income investments in order to effectively reduce debt. As a result, we provide a win-win environment for both the creditor and the debtor.

Investment Project Arrangements > Investment Support

We not only conduct simple market research and introduce projects but also plan structuring and exit strategies, while providing the infrastructure (SPVs, outsourced operations) essential to investment strategies.

Investment Platform Arrangements > Fund Operation Support

Investment platforms are essential for serious fund management. We propose easy-to-manage investment platforms while handling various legal and tax issues, and provide comprehensive services including platform creation and operational support.

Our Strategy

The one-stop investment shop
  • Pepper Millennium Japan is a one-stop shop for asset investment and real estate ventures in Japan for overseas investors.
  • Our services include structuring investment and revitalizating projects and administering management systems.
  • Pepper Millennium Japan provides multifaceted proposals using investment and credit management knowhow accumulated through investment funding and servicing.
  • Close collaboration between Group companies enables us to exert the speed and flexibility necessary to develop business.
Millennium is delighted to join with Pepper as we continue to expand our opportunities with domestic and international clients. We look forward to working together closely to unlock new areas of opportunity with Pepper’s support as well as to continue to provide high-quality services our existing clients already enjoy today.
Toshinari Asano
CEO Pepper Japan

Our Successes

Over recent years, we’ve seen an increase in asset liquidation projects, retail financial products, co-investment and general financial transactions.


Tetra Force Partners

・Management consulting ・IPO support ・Financing support ・ Responsible for due diligence, business valuation estimation, preparation of business plans and awareness change consulting.

AKJ Partners Tax Corporation

・Accounting and taxation services for corporations and individuals ・Business success measures / public offering related management consulting ・Corporate revitalization and management reform perspective business ・Accounting and taxation support relating to real estate liquidation ・ Accounting and tax consulting ・ Business (improvement) plan formulation ・ Business revitalization support such as asset disposal and restructuring ・ Dispatch of executives to SPCs

Exceed One Co. Ltd.

・Business application system development and management ・Business application services using SaaS (ASP) ・Consolidated outsourcing of IT systems ・IT system building, management, and help-desk work ・Sale of IT packages ・ Proposals that include business restructuring, system development and provision ・ Design, procurement, and installation of IT equipment such as PCs, servers, and printers ・ Establishment of new offices, office alterations

Asset Service Inc

・Due diligence for claims ・Due diligence for real estate ・ Claims and real estate, valuations and report preparation

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