Lending a hand
Our credo has always been to help people succeed. Whether it’s Lending to support a customer reach a goal. Or Servicing to grow a business and deliver returns to investors. But how do you truly measure success? Is it only about numbers on financial reports or is it about using our network, scale and access to resources to shape the world for the better?
In recent years, Pepper’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes have focussed on three key areas. Most of our projects are run locally and supported globally.
Diversity and Inclusion
Evaluating and upgrading existing systems is part of what Pepper does in the business world. We extend this open thinking to the systems of power and privilege that operate in the business world and the wider culture.
Our experience in 15 different markets has shown us that western models and ideas cannot always be applied across all cultures in a uniform way. Within our organisation, we have found that a rich mix of perspectives, backgrounds, ethnicities and generations makes for more effective global collaboration and better business solutions.
With an expanding network of diverse businesses, Pepper cannot create dynamic solutions within a culture that’s static and monolithic.

To create a healthier, more inclusive organisation, better equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow, Pepper has adopted a framework called ACE.
Build relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability.
Acknowledging the strengths that diversity brings.
Providing platforms for building knowledge and empathy.
Community Charities
Pepper Giving
It’s the same questions we ask in our business. Where can we best apply our funds, resources and expertise. How do we make the greatest impact? How do we deploy our global strengths to make a difference locally?

Pepper Giving is about finding areas in our communities that aren’t being served, and supporting them through financial support, volunteering and skills sharing.
We support organisations that work to provide the social necessities of life including housing and shelter, transport, education and a means of earning a living.
We work with organisations that are seeking an alternative or different pathway to help others who are underserved by traditional support structures.
We aim to inspire innovation and courage amongst those in need to find different pathways to achieve their goals. Just like we have challenged the accepted to succeed.
Local projects
Each of our offices runs its own initiatives with the support of Pepper Global.
South Korea
Sing Together
Using a musical TV show to raise USD910,000 to help small businesses hard-hit by the pandemic.
Medical Devices
Donating USD88,000 worth of medical equipment to areas worst affected by Covid-19.
Kwangju Volleyball
Pledging USD90,000 to support youth volleyball programmes in Kwangju.
Hot Peppers
Business training and internships for 20 university students each year.
Disaster Relief
Donating USD145,000 to relief fund during the Kwangju disaster.
Hope Scholarship
We provided USD516,000 to 267 students who needed financial support because of the impact of Covid-19 on them and their families
Ukraine refugee appeal
Donating USD78,000 to Ukraine refugees
Tuuulibreria campaign
A collective library run by staff that shared knowledge and generated donations.
Caps for Life
Recycling plastic caps to raise funds for medical treatments for children.
Recicoles campaign
Recycling office items to collect donations for social causes.
No Child Without a Smile Foundation
Donations to the Foundation’s projects, focused on helping children at risk of social exclusion.
Run for a cause
Pepper employees participate in the charity run whose benefits will go to refugee children.
Al Alimón book campaigns
Funds raised from the books donated will be used on educational projects for women and children in Cameroon, Senegal and Guinea Bissau.
Pepper Forest
Pepper Money Spain has planted a forest with 650 trees in Manzanares (Ciudad Real).

The plantation has allowed the company to offset the 100 tonnes of CO2 corresponding to its carbon footprint for 2020 and 2021.
AECC Pepper Challenge
A crowdfunding action to raise funds for AECC Cancer projects.
United Kingdom
Partnering Ecologi
Pepper Money UK continues to work through Ecologi to plant new trees and support climate projects around the world. To date we have planted 28,757 new trees worldwide and offset 1,780.16 tonnes of CO2 through projects.

In real terms this is the same as saving 5,340m2 of sea.
Australia, New Zealand and The Philippines
Pepper 21
Planting 21 trees for each employee to celebrate Pepper’s 21st year, yielded 7 hectares of protected forest across 3 countries. That’s over seven rugby fields of native trees
Women’s and Girl’s Emergency Centre
Partnering with WAGEC to create safe spaces and opportunities for survivors of domestic violence and homelessness.
Community partner of St Kilda Football Club
Pepper Money supports SaintsPlay, an initiative which encourages accessibility to Aussie Rules Football for children with special needs.
Meaningful Mentorships
Pepper works with Talent Trust Singapore as part of a skills based volunteer program to help local charities and organisations in need.
Data Security
Your data kept safe
When it comes to handling your money, protecting your information against hackers, scammers and cyber attacks is the most important thing to us. Pepper uses cloud-first security controls and continuous monitoring, and deploys a global security team across time zones to safeguard information through encrypted systems certified to ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials.
Pepper has strict security protocols in all our interactions with customers and we will only contact you from a reputable source. For additional advice, we recommend you follow your local state’s personal cybersecurity advice, linked below:
Australian Signal Directorate
cyber aware
UK Government National Cyber Security Centre
Singapore Go Safe Online
Cyber Essentials certificate number: IASME-CE-013345