Farah Vie
Senior Manager, Corporate Services
Pepper Money Australia and New Zealand (working in the Philippines)
In my field, there are no boring moments.

“In my field, there are no boring moments. I deal with people from all walks of life everyday – from entry-level employees to leaders, from workers to major suppliers, from security guards to lawyers to government personnel. Every encounter is an invaluable experience.”

Farah Vie has been with Pepper for 4 years as a Corporate Services Senior Manager. Based in Manila, but working closely with teams in Australia, Farah’s role is to ensure all employees enjoy their work environment, are supported by leaders and have access to services that make their life smooth and worry-free.

“I started working in business process outsourcing and was given the opportunity to help build shared service businesses for Australian companies in the Philippines. It was fortuitous that Pepper needed the expertise that I was able to bring to the table. At the same time, Pepper represented more professional development, a flexible work arrangement and an economically stable environment that was very important to me as a working parent.”

Farah’s key projects have included:

  1. Moving over a hundred Manila team members to their current office with advanced technology and better infrastructure.
  2. Overhauling the payroll system that reduced monthly complaints from 500 to less than 5.
  3. Successful registration and accreditation of PSO Manila to the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, thus gaining operational assistance and tax holidays.
“In over ten years in the Australian financial services industry I consider Pepper my best employment experience.”

Inspired to work alongside leaders
who actually walk the talk.

Farah began doing Organizational Development, which gave her a deeper understanding of Pepper’s business. Today she represents Manila on Pepper’s global committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

“Diversity and Inclusion means more to me than just a work responsibility. It’s a personal advocacy, being part of it is a privilege and an empowering experience. Daily, I see and hear employees who are inspired to work alongside leaders who actually walk the talk.”

Her career successes have included setting up a full business model for shared services and business process outsourcing, and helping five Australian companies set up sustainable operations in the Philippines. While her biggest challenge has been managing the pandemic over recent years.

“The strength that Pepper showed over the last 15 months is awe-inspiring. Employees and leaders alike came together to surpass the challenges that the business faces and to help each other survive, thrive, and succeed despite the challenges.”

She believes Pepper provides a vast landscape for professional growth. In her current role she interacts with employees across Pepper’s network and enjoys sharing conversations and experiences, while working with a group of immensely talented and highly diverse personalities.

“The thing I’ve learned at Pepper is that kindness is the universal language. I have met with and have had the good fortune to work with the smartest minds and the kindest hearts in Pepper. It has greatly influenced the way that I operate, the choices and decisions that I make.”