Shakira Snowdon
Head of Operations
Pepper Money Australia and New Zealand (working in the Philippines)
The ‘can do’ culture is infectious.

Operations Management is driven by lateral thinking and creativity. In finding different ways of viewing and challenging the status quo.  Being interested in how things worked and noticing how things could be improved led to me working at Pepper.  

An Australian, who’s naturally curious and highly driven, Shakira Snowden began her association with Pepper while working for an Australian Mortgage Manager and met the Pepper team through doing business and at industry events.

“It was a dream job at a company I really wanted to be a part of. The Pepper team were always so passionate about what they did and such dynamic people. When I heard there was a role to help Pepper set up their own office in the Philippines, it was meant to be.”

The role as Head of Operations for PSO Manila involved leading the senior management team, driving the office’s performance, and offshoring support roles for both Pepper Money and third-party clients across markets.

“Every day is different and there’s always something new, challenging and exciting happening to evolve the business. It’s impossible to be bored working at Pepper. I’ve spent time in our offices in London and Ireland and it was amazing to me, that all Pepper offices and the people in the teams felt familiar no matter where I was in the world. The “can do” culture is infectious.”

Her office won the Circle of Excellence Award at the Asia CEO awards in 2020, a culmination of years spent building a powerful culture and growing the profitable business in the Philippines.

“We have 700% staff growth and no plans to stop there! I joined Pepper as part of the Philippines office, which services the Australian and New Zealand businesses. My current role began four years ago when I assumed leadership of a team of 45 people. We currently have over 350!”