Pepper Advantage to launch major outsourcing business in Fiji
United Kingdom11 October 2022

Pepper Advantage, a global credit intelligence company, is launching a major outsourcing business in Fiji to help new and existing clients enhance their back-office functions, leverage data to gain more effective insights, and improve underlying profitability. The business will also allow Pepper Advantage to diversity its client base beyond financial services to other sectors that have significant customer service requirements.

The new business will be called the Pepper Advantage Hub. The Hub will offer an entire suite of back-office support functions that range from IT services such as software engineering and data analytics, to finance-related roles, customer service support, HR, marketing and administration.  It will complement Pepper Advantage’s core credit intelligence business and offer clients a new operational efficiency centre in addition to Pepper Advantage’s existing products. The Hub has already secured its first client mandates, including several leading regional banks and international consumer services companies. It will also support Pepper Advantage’s internal back-office operations as the company continues to grow.

Pepper Advantage Hub is the first in a series of planned outsourcing hubs, offering operational support services to both financial and non-financial clients. This includes a hub in South East Asia in 2023. These hubs will leverage Pepper Advantage’s capabilities in providing efficient outsourced services.

The launch of the Pepper Advantage Hub in Fiji comes as the government of the Fijian Islands builds a programme of investment to incentivise companies to relocate there. Pepper Advantage expects to invest multiple millions over the next three to five years in Fijian IT infrastructure, software development, trainings, and sponsorships and plans to recruit a workforce of at least 800-1000 employees within five years.

“The Pepper Advantage Hub is focused on bringing our award-winning customer service, cutting edge technologies, and next generation data and analytics capabilities to a broad range of clients. It will allow us to better help firms seeking to enhance their client solutions, gain greater insights into their customer-facing interfaces, and improve underlying profitability,” said Fraser Gemmell, Chief Executive Officer, Pepper Advantage. “We see a strong opportunity to invest in Fiji as part of our own and our clients’ growth, and we are confident that the business we are launching will be an integral part of our success story, as well as that of the Islands.”

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