Pepper and GAME’s omnichannel alliance
Spain17 October 2022

At Pepper Money Spain, we celebrate our omnichannel partnership with GAME, demonstrating our commitment to customers to facilitate their purchases through smart and responsible financing.

Thanks to this agreement, the more than five million registered members of the Spanish chain of stores number one of video games and digital leisure will be able to finance their purchases in the ecommerce of GAME and in its more than 230 points of sale in Spain.

Special campaign for one month

This agreement, which began in January and has ended with the integration of both platforms in June, materializes in a special campaign from October 14 to November 13 in which GAME customers will be able to finance their purchases for up to 12 months without interest.

In this way, the two companies, leaders in their respective sectors, bet on the ease of payments, allowing the consumer to enjoy without worries their Christmas gifts, new releases or that console or gaming computer they wanted so much.

This campaign is expected to reach a funding volume of more than 5,000 units per month between October and December 2022, with a forecast of three million euros in monthly funding.

Omnichannel and digitalization

Pepper’s commitment to GAME is part of the ambitious growth plan in which the Company is immersed while reaffirming the commitment of both entities to the use of the most advanced technology to facilitate payments to customers.

Pepper has decision models based on artificial intelligence that allow you to maximize conversion, increase the average ticket and reduce the risk of operations for both brands.

You can see more about the alliance on the GAME blog.