Pepper Money and Evie Networks partner to give a year’s worth of EV charging to customers that make the switch to electric
Australia16 August 2022

Leading Electric Vehicle (EV) finance lender Pepper Money has partnered exclusively with Evie Networks (Evie) to offer 12 months’ worth of public charging to eligible finance customers across Australia from today.

Under the exclusive offer, drivers that finance their EV with Pepper can charge at any Evie public charging station across Australia for up to 12 months at no cost. This gives Pepper Money customers 2,000 kWh of charging which equates to between 10,000-15,000km of range1.

Speaking about the partnership, Ken Spellacy, General Manager of Asset Finance at Pepper Money said: “We are proud to be joining forces with Evie to help more people make sustainable choices. This partnership enables us to offer a unique and customer centric experience. It’s another example of our continued commitment to making EVs more accessible and affordable which is vital to meeting Australia’s commitment to net zero goals, increasing our energy security, and improving our air quality,” he said. “In 2021, state and territory governments introduced new policies and incentives to support Australia’s transition to electric vehicles. While the impact of these policies will become more apparent throughout 2022- 23, we are encouraging more Aussies to make the switch for a more sustainable future, by making EV an easy and accessible choice.

“We want to help accelerate the switch to EVs by removing the barriers and contribute to lasting, systematic change – from finance to infrastructure and beyond,” he said. Evie Networks Head of Sales and Marketing, Geoff Brady said, “We’re looking for partners that help build awareness and accelerate the adoption of EVs in Australia. We recognise Pepper Money’s passion for a positive customer experience which we strongly align on. Our national network of fast chargers, powered by 100% renewable power, address range anxiety for drivers. “This offer is another reason for drivers to make the switch to an EV,” he said.

“The Pepper Money EV loan offer will ensure that customers have added comfort on the road to charge at our convenient and quality locations. “All electricity delivered through Evie’s charging sites is 100% accredited GreenPower procured from renewable generators in the market. We’re committed to a vision to ensure every home is no more than 5km from a reliable public fast-charging EV station,” Mr Brady said. According to Mr Brady, Evie has facilitated over 800 tonnes of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to date. “Utilization of our chargers will help save up to 1,904 kg of CO2e for every Pepper Money customer. That’s 190 tonnes saving in CO2e for every 100 Pepper Money customers. Pepper Money is a leading originator of EVs in Australia financing 11%2 of all EVs sold last year and since starting its EV financing program, Pepper Money has facilitated a reduction of more than 3,800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

“As the first consumer finance company on the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) of Australia, Pepper Money continues to actively work with the EVC to provide innovative customer solutions and cement its place at the forefront of this rapidly growing segment,” Spellacy said.

Evie is delivering Australia’s largest fast and ultra-fast EV charging network with a plan to ensure public fast charging is available in every capital city, and all across the country. Evie fast chargers range from 50kw in Metropolitan areas to 350kW ultra-fast highway chargers that give drivers the ability to recharge within 15-30 minutes. EV drivers can easily locate charging stations using the Evie Charging app, PlugShare, or Google Maps, and are in convenient and accessible locations with onsite amenities so drivers can refresh their battery at the places they want to stop.

As of March 2022, there are 291 public fast charging locations around Australia and 1,580 regular charging locations in Australia. 4 NSW is currently leading the way, with a plan to ensure fast charging is available every 100km along regional routes, every 5km in residential areas with limited off-street parking, and every 5km along major commuter corridors in Sydney.

Based on the announced funding from state and federal government programs, Australia will see the deployment of 700 fast charging locations over the next 5 years. 5

Earlier this year, Australia’s biggest financial comparison sites, Canstar and Canstar Blue announced Pepper Money’s Electric Vehicle Loans as a winner of the brands’ first Green Excellence Awards. According to Canstar’s judging panel, Pepper Money is enabling consumers to purchase green by reducing some key barriers to Electric Vehicle (EV) ownership with market leading interest rates and a number of additional services to support them during their journey as an EV owner.

“We are delighted to be recognised as one of the top performing finance products and services across Australia making a positive impact on the environment and consumers with our innovative EV loans. Pepper Money’s approach to sustainability aligns with our mission to help people succeed,” Spellacy concluded.

The offer is available on all new EV finance contracts from 17 August 2022. Further offer details for eligible Pepper Money customers can be found here.


1There are a lot of factors that determine this figure including the load the vehicle is carrying, the type of driving being conducted, level of brake
regeneration, sustained speed, number of passengers inside the vehicle, and the ambient temperature of the atmosphere etc.

211% calculated as follows: Tesla sales 12,094 (source: EV Council: Other non-Tesla Fully Electric Sales 5,149 (source: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries: Total EV Sales 17,243. Financed by Pepper 1,853 or 11%.

3Based on calculations supplied by the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia.

4State of Electric Vehicles report March 2022

5State of Electric Vehicles report March 2022

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